Chapter One of Breaking Free

To get a peek at Breaking Free, here’s the first chapter before the book comes out. Warning: Explicit content, meant only for readers 18+.


“It’s just one night,” Jayden tells me. “And it’s only two hours away.”

“Yeah, but on our rival’s campus? The fucking Hornets?” I make a face as I shove my foot into my tennis shoe.

“Yeah, I know, but I got a friend who told me about this party. It’s gonna be huge,” he says, spraying some cologne on before checking himself out in the mirror.

“I’m obviously gonna go, but I’m talking shit to every football player I see. You know we play them first this season, right?”

“Yeah, and we’re gonna whoop their ass.”

Jayden’s one of the best wide receivers we have on our team at South River, and I’m the best running back. With our friend Dex as QB, and a well-rounded team, we’re set to win the national championship this year, no problem.

“Marco’s not gonna be quarterback this season,” Jayden says. “Hurt his shoulder.”

“Damn. Who is it now? Luke?”

“Yep, but he’s pretty good.”

“And of course they have Jimmy Watts at receiver now. He’s fast.”

“We’re still the better team,” he says with confidence.

“All right,” I say, shoving my wallet in my pocket. “I’m ready. Let’s go get drunk.”

“My man,” Jayden says with a grin, giving me a fist bump before we leave my place.

We take Jayden’s white Jeep Grand Cherokee and blast music the whole way there. When we pull up to the frat house where the party’s being held, music blasts from inside, pouring out of every open window and door this place has. Cars line both sides of the street, and people are outside on the balcony of the second level, plastic cups in hand and smiles on their faces.

“Who do you know here?” I ask Jayden.

“A few people, actually, but this chick I’m talking to invited me out. Do you know Kristina Mathis?”

I scrunch my face. “I think so.”

“Anyway, she goes to our school, but her best friend goes here.”

“I see.”

Jay checks his phone. “All right. She’s inside. Let’s go.”

We head up the driveway and a few people smile and say hey, mostly to Jayden, who seems to know everybody no matter where we go.

“You’ve been here before, I take it.”

He smiles. “A few times. Dex used to come with me before he got tied down.”

“Oh, so I’m your second choice?” I joke.

“You’re my favorite second choice, though.”

“Whatever,” I say with a laugh.

Inside, the music thumps so loud I can barely hear Jayden when he speaks. It’s only because he gestures toward the kitchen that I know he probably said something about getting a drink.

It doesn’t take long before we spot a couple of the football guys and end up getting caught up in conversation about the upcoming season while we down our beers and take a couple shots. Amongst the shit talking, we also discuss the other teams before Jimmy says something that catches my attention.

“He’s leaving us for y’all.”

“Wait, what?” I ask. “Who are we talking about?”

“This kid, uhh…Hernandez. He was second string last year, didn’t see much play time until the end of the season. He’s good, though, and getting better.”

“What’s his position?”

“Running back.” Jimmy grins. “Gonna be gunning for your spot, Campbell.”

I roll my eyes. “Yeah, right.”

“Why the transfer?” Jayden asks.

The guys shrug and the topic is dropped, so we go about our drinking. Within an hour and a half, Jayden finds a girl he knows and disappears for a while. I end up playing drinking games with Jimmy and Marco for a while, and it isn’t until my vision begins to blur that I realize my bladder’s about to burst.

“Gotta take a piss,” I tell them, leaving the table.

It takes a few minutes to find the bathroom, but when I do, it’s because there’s a line of four people in the hall.

“Is this the only bathroom?” I ask, my words strung together.

A redheaded girl gives me a once over before answering. “Someone’s puking in the other one.”

I grimace. “And in this one?”

“Having sex, I think,” she says with a shrug, like it’s normal.

I hurry back to Marco since I know he lives here. “Dude, tell me I can use a bathroom on the second floor. You got people fucking and puking in the ones down here.”

“Aw, come on,” he complains, standing up. “Head upstairs, turn right. Second door on the left.”

As he rushes off to handle the bathroom problems, I jog upstairs, trying to remember his directions.

The house is pretty big, but I’m sure it won’t be too hard to find a bathroom. I’m about to open a door when I hear a girl moan Jayden’s name. Well, at least I know where he is.

I try the next door, but it’s locked. “Give me a minute,” a guy yells.

“I don’t have a minute,” I bite back, almost ready to pull my dick out and piss in a deserted plastic cup.

I open all the doors, searching for another bathroom, and get lucky with one tucked away in the corner. As soon as I free myself from my jeans, I hardly get time to aim before my bladder lets loose. Midstream I realize how hot and muggy it is in here, and then the shower curtain is yanked back, and a naked, muscular, wet man stands there staring at me like I’m crazy.

“What the fuck are you doing?” he growls.

“Uh, taking a piss,” I answer, averting my eyes and making sure I don’t pee all over the floor.

Out of my peripheral vision, I see him step out and then hear him snatch a towel off the rack behind me. “There’s three other bathrooms in here.”

“All of them were occupied. Give me a minute and I’ll be outta your hair.”

He steps up to the sink, standing at my side. My eyes flicker to him briefly, gazing  just long enough to notice he’s wrapped a towel around his waist.

“Why aren’t you downstairs partying?” I ask, tucking myself back in my pants.

“I’m not in the mood.” His voice lacks any emotion.

I flush the toilet and turn to face him. Water still clings to his bronze skin, and his dark hair is slicked back with one little tendril falling over his forehead.

He’s thick with muscles and tall—bigger than me by a few inches and several pounds,  and he’s extremely attractive. His jaw is angular and his cheekbones sharp. When I meet his gaze in the mirror, I realize I’ve been staring at him for way too long. I blame the alcohol. I told myself months ago not to get drunk and make dumb decisions. I’ve been there and done that. More than once.

The last time I got really drunk, I ended up having a brief hookup with my friend Renzo, and then I was embarrassed and ashamed, feeling like I used him to experiment, and it led to several days of awkwardness before we determined we were better off as friends.

However, it solidified what I was curious about—I definitely like guys. But besides Renzo and his boyfriend, Ronan, nobody knows.

It’s not like I think my closest friends will judge me. Ronan and Renzo are gay, Jayden’s bi, and nobody in our circle cares. However, I’m unsure of my other friends, and the guys on the team. Sure, Jay’s on the football team, too, but his personality is more of the I-don’t-give a-shit-what-you-think-of-me type, while I’m exactly the opposite. Plus there’s my family, and I have zero idea how they might react to their only son being gay.

“Are you just gonna stand there and stare at me?”

His deep voice pulls me out of my thoughts. I lick my lips. “Can I wash my hands?”

He takes a step back, but doesn’t leave much room between us. As I hold my hands under the water, I can almost feel him touching my back. My eyes travel up to the mirror as I massage in the soap, and I find him checking me out.

I clear my throat as I rinse off the suds and meet his stare. Warm brown eyes meet my green ones and then he licks his bottom lip.

“You’re not from here.”

“No. I’m from South River.”

Something flashes in his eyes and his lips pull into a tiny smirk. “Hmm.”

When I turn around to look for a towel to dry my hands on, I realize the only one in here is wrapped around his waist.

“Well, I guess I’ll let you get back to it,” I say stupidly, wiping my wet hands on my jeans.

He doesn’t move from in front of the door, so I take a step forward and reach for the knob, my head angling in his direction.

“How drunk are you?” he questions, catching me off guard.

“Uhh…a little.”

His eyes move to my mouth and I wet my lips with a swipe of my tongue.

“Who are you here with?”

“My friend.”

Why am I standing here, so close to him, answering questions? I should just shove him out of the way and leave. Who even is this guy? Why the sudden inquiry?

“Boyfriend?” he questions.

My brows dip in the middle. “No.”

He shifts, turning to face me, his shoulder resting against the door. “Why don’t you come to my room with me?”

I swallow thickly, my eyes trained on his mouth as he talks. Confusion and desire war with themselves as I think over what he just said. Alcohol has already impaired me, so I’m definitely not in the right mind to make sound decisions, but who says all decisions need to be good ones?

“Why?” I ask, frozen in place, my hand on the doorknob.

“To help me forget,” he says huskily, coming even closer.

“Forget what?” I whisper, already leaning in.

“My fucked up life.”

“How do…” I begin to ask how do you know I’m gay, but he shuts me up when he shoves me against the wall and pins his hips against mine.

“You’ve been checking me out since you walked in here, don’t get shy now.”

He cages me in when he braces his arms on either side of me, and my cock comes to life, straining against the zipper of my jeans. I know he feels it when he releases a sexy groan and pushes into me further.

My chest heaves as he slowly leans in, and when his lips brush against mine, any rational thought flees my brain, and I only care about what he tastes like and what his body will feel like under my hands.

This guy, whose name I don’t even know, devours my mouth in the sexiest way. The kiss starts slowly, his lips pressing against mine in soft pecks, and then his tongue slides in, tangling with mine in a sensual dance. As soon as I moan, his right hand grabs the back of my head, his long fingers cradling my neck as his thumb aligns with my jaw. His grip is firm as he deepens the kiss, sucking on my tongue before his other hand travels under my shirt.

“Touch me,” he growls, and it’s then that I realize my arms are frozen at my sides.

I bring them up and splay my fingers across his abs and run my hands up to his chest before I let them travel around to his back, pulling him into me.

He steps  back. “That’s not really what I meant.” His hand goes to his towel, and in a half a second, the white cotton material drops to the floor, leaving him completely naked.


I’ve had one experience with a guy, and that was my drunken hookup with Renzo. Well, we made out one time after, but it was thirty seconds at best. The alcohol-induced encounter was us making out and me sucking his dick. That’s it. No touching, groping, licking, and not much talking if I’m being honest.

He smirks before undoing my pants, shoving them down my thighs. His large hand gropes my erection through my underwear before he pushes those down, too.

When he wraps his fingers around my cock, I close my eyes and drop my head against the wall. “Oh shit.”

“Mm,” he moans, coming closer and nuzzling my neck with his scratchy beard. “You’re already dripping for me.”

“Oh God,” I moan.

“Be a good boy and suck my cock and maybe I’ll let you come next.”

His words send a jolt of desire up my spine. I should probably be offended that he called me a good boy, but something about his tone and the way he stroked my dick when he said it turned me on even more. Now all I want to do is please him so I can get my own release.

I bite my lip as I look into his dark eyes and then slowly drop to my knees. His cock is massive, long and thick, with a few veins straining against the tight skin. He runs his hand through my blond hair and I open my mouth and take him between my lips.

Having only done this once, I’m terrified he’s going to realize how inexperienced I am and put a stop to this. With one hand on his muscled thigh, I use my other one to stroke his length, taking him as deep into my mouth as I can.

He begins fucking my face, gripping my hair tightly in his fist, and the grunts and groans let me know he’s enjoying himself.

My cock throbs and leaks as I hollow my cheeks and suck on his crown before I let my tongue travel the underside of his shaft.

“Fuck.” He grips his erection. “Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

I don’t hesitate to obey, something deep inside me loving that I don’t have to wonder what to do next. He slaps his cock against my tongue and then strokes himself while staring into my eyes.

“I’m gonna come in your mouth.”

It’s not a question, so I don’t say anything. I just keep my mouth open and my tongue out, and several seconds later jets of hot cum land on my tongue and chin.

With one hand on the wall behind me, he leans over, giving me every drop of his release. When he’s done, he reaches down and grabs a hold of my neck, pulling me up.

His thumb swipes some of his cum from my chin and he pushes it into my mouth. “Good boy.”

My heart hammers in my chest and my entire body feels like it’s about to burst into flames. When his hand wraps around my cock and strokes, I think I might shatter, but when he leans into me and licks more of his cum off my chin before sticking his tongue into my mouth, I do. I explode and come all over his hand and thigh without any warning.

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