Chapter One of Stealing Ronan


“What’re you doing here, ugly?” my sister Violet asks as she sashays down the hall like it’s a fucking runway.

“I live here, in case you forgot.”

She rolls her eyes and flips her blond hair over her shoulder. “I mean, it’s Saturday. Why aren’t you partying with your frat bros?” She changes her voice for the last two words, like she’s mocking me.

“First off, I’m not in a frat, so I don’t have frat bros, and you know that, and secondly, I don’t need to party every weekend.”

She scoffs, making her way through the living room and to the kitchen where she grabs a bottle of water from the fridge.

“Well, go find something to do. I have someone coming over.”

I saunter into the kitchen with a grin on my face. “Oh? Does my baby sister have a boyfriend?”

She grins. “We’re…talking.”

“Do Mom and Dad know about this guy?”

She looks at me like I’m dumb. “Of course not, and they won’t know, because they aren’t going to be home until next week.”

“Is he spending the night?”

“Ugh. You’re so annoying. Go find some guy to jack off or something.”

“Nah, I’m good. Already did that earlier,” I say, even though it’s not true.

Violet pushes past me and starts rearranging the pillows on the couch. “What’s the best place to order food from?”

“Well, there’s all the pizza places, and a couple Chinese spots.”

“I don’t really want anything too greasy. Is there a place that delivers like salad or something?”

“Look on DoorDash or something. I’m sure there’s a restaurant that serves salad.”

“Okay, thanks.” She walks up to me, all five foot five of her, and pushes up on her tiptoes to kiss my cheek. “I love you, big brother, but it’s time for you to leave.”

“I can’t believe you’re trying to kick me out. Look, I’m not going anywhere, but I’ll stay in my room. That cool? I got a couple homework assignments I have to work on anyway.”

“Ugh. Fine.” She points a finger at me. “Don’t be annoying.”

“I am older than you, you know.” 

She laughs. “Dad is older than Mom, and she’s still the boss.”

“Whatever. I’m going to my room. Don’t do anything stupid.”

A saccharine sweet smile spreads across her face, but she just waves me off with a few fingers.

In my room, I order a pizza for myself, then sit down at my desk to finish my homework. Before I can even begin, my phone vibrates with a text from my friend Dex.

Dex: Hey, dude. Party at Trevor’s. You coming?

I drop my head back with a sigh. Like any twenty-year-old college student, I enjoy my fair share of parties, but me and Trevor have a bit of a past, and unfortunately, it’s not that far in the past.

We hooked up at the last party he had two weeks ago, but none of our friends know. Reason why? He’s deep in the closet. So much in the closet that when he woke up after our night together, he freaked out and tried to act like he didn’t remember what happened. But he knows, because I can see the memories flashing across his eyes when he looks at me.

Shit’s awkward as fuck, and I don’t feel like being around him right now.

Me: Nah, I have a lot of work to catch up on. Next time.

It’s not that I haven’t been with closeted guys before, because trust me, in college, there’s plenty. I don’t mind being the one who blows open their world when they realize just how much they love sucking a cock. Hell, I’m all for being the sexual awakening for guys who thought they were straight, but let’s be honest. More often than not, way deep down inside, they know. They just don’t want to acknowledge or act on it. Probably because of their families. Luckily, I have a great one. I haven’t been closested since I was twelve.

Thirty minutes after I start my work, I get notified that the pizza is being delivered via the app I ordered from, so I get up from the leather chair and leave my room, heading toward the front door.

Violet’s head snaps in my direction as soon as she hears my footsteps on the hardwood floor, and her green eyes narrow at me.

“I’m just getting my pizza,” I say, holding up my hand, eyeing the bowls of salad on the coffee table. “Where’s your boyfriend?”

“Just hurry up and go.”

I chuckle, pulling open the door and grabbing the pizza from the delivery guy. “Thanks, man.”

“Your guy’s okay with eating rabbit food?” I call out, heading to the couch.

“Shut up,” she hisses. “He’s gonna be out of the bathroom any second.”

A noise to my right gets my attention, and the guy my sister’s spending time with tonight strolls in, looking exactly like the type of guy I’d love to have some fun with.

He’s almost as tall as me, probably just under six feet. I can’t see much of his body, but I’d bet he’s probably hiding some muscles under that long-sleeved black shirt he’s wearing. His hair is short on the sides, but long on the top—long enough for me to be able to tug on. It’s styled in a way that you can tell he could run his hand through it, and it would stay perfectly in place.

His face has little facial hair, giving him an innocent vibe, and I’ve always loved corrupting the innocent.

“Hey,” I greet, lifting my chin.

He gives me a nod and smile. “Hey. I’m Ronan.”

I take his outstretched hand in mine and shake it. A jolt of desire runs up my arm and into my chest, then down to my cock.


“Nice to meet you.”

Ronan walks past me, parking himself on the couch next to my sister. She shoos me away, widening her eyes and clenching her jaw while mouthing, go.

“Hey, man, you want a slice of pizza or something?” I offer, needing to see him a little longer while also pissing my sister off. I jerk my head toward the salads. “Seems like you might need a little more to fill you up.”

The statement drips with innuendo, and it takes all my strength to not lick my bottom lip and grin at him, making sure he gets the message.

He looks unsure of what to do, his eyes passing between me and Violet as she struggles to conceal her annoyance.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks. I just came from practice, so I’m starving.”

“Practice?” I question.


My eyes try to peruse his body again, but he’s all covered up. “Cool.” I open the box and stand behind the couch, letting him reach in to grab one. “Do you go to school with Vi?”

He shakes his head, having already taken a bite. I watch him chew and swallow before he answers. “I’m in college.”

I raise a brow, glancing at Violet who’s basically fuming. “Is that right? Which college?”

“South River.”

My pulse speeds up when I realize he’s at the same college I go to, but for whatever reason, I choose not to disclose that. How have I not seen him before? Well, it’s a big campus, so it makes sense, but still. He’s too hot to not notice.

My sister huffs, taking my attention off Ronan’s blue eyes and pink lips. “Well, I guess I’ll head back to my room.”

“Okay, bye,” Violet says right away.

“Take another one,” I tell Ronan, gesturing to the pizza. “I won’t finish it by myself anyway.”

His eyes flicker up at me, baby blue shining between dark lashes, and I can’t help but imagine how he’d look up at me if he was on his knees, ready to take my cock. “You sure?”

“Mm.” I nod. “Go ahead.”

“Thanks, man.”

I turn and make my way back to my room, but now I can’t focus on my work. All I’m thinking about is what the hell those two are doing out there, and why the universe would send the hottest fucking guy into my life via my sister.

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