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Falling for my best friend’s sister was something I never thought I’d do. Not only have I known Violet for almost her whole life, but Renzo was sure to give all his friends the don’t touch my sister speech as soon as she became a teenager.

After a drunken night when we were snowed in at a cabin, I may have been too flirtatious. I think I freaked her out, because she’s refused to talk about what happened since then. But after a weekend away with friends, me and Violet end up alone, and confessions are finally made.

She’s too good for me—sweet, pure, and innocent. I’m tainted with a reputation that does me no favors. Renzo knows I’ve never committed to anyone. He knows everything about me and the many women I’ve been with, and that’s why I know he’ll never be okay with me and his sister being together.

After a taste of Violet, I know I’ve finally found something worth fighting for, even if I have to fight my best friend.